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Nov, 2018

post by Eugene


We have been working on this for many years. The dream is to create a furniture company that can offer a solution for practically any furniture needs, for home or for business.


ELINIC - Furniture Company Of The Future.

Mass Customization In Furniture

In general, more and more people are becoming able to afford comfort and convenience. Furniture may well be the most important consumer purchase next to a house or a car, and thus the demand for furniture is very robust. Despite its importance in our lives, advances in the furniture industry have not matched those of cars and electronics in recent years. What is really missing is the intelligent furniture solution for all people's needs.
I am convinced that there is a way to make global transformation in how furniture is sold and built and my idea could potentially be rolled out to match the scale of companies like IKEA.
 The Vision
For starters, assume you know nothing about how furniture is currently manufactured and sold.  Consider something much broader; think of the complete solutions for all areas of people's modern lives - furniture and furniture systems for their houses, offices, and stores, from a simple set of shelves for a closet to a beautiful home office or a library.  Next, try to imagine a company - a Furniture Solution Centre - that directly sells and builds its furniture, and features essentially any style and design configuration imaginable, all through a consumer-centric design and made-to-order experience. 
Through Elinic furniture, you will be able to go online, start by choosing between types of project, styles, and then you start picking the actual component functionalities, then their dimensions, material, colour, and finish. Every cabinet, desk or dresser that you have chosen for your set can also be custom dimensioned.  The level of customization is almost unlimited, to the point where the customers feel that they can come up with almost any configuration of their own, and it will be realized and delivered.
An important point here is that the same component customized to a particular furniture style and size can be utilized as part of an office set or entertainment center.  In essence, the same piece changes its functionality just by changing its width and material for example.
To demonstrate the power of this model, take one type of bookshelf unit, multiply it by 5 different styles then by 20 configurations (doors, no doors, shelves, bottom closed, glass doors and so on) then multiply that by 5 different materials (inexpensive melamine for storage in the basement, oak, maple, birch or cherry veneered panels if it is going to be a part of your home office, e.g.).  Finally, multiply that by 20 stain colours and by another 20 combinations of hardware.
This sample alone would yield 200,000 combinations!  Importantly, while the degree of customer choice increases exponentially, it does not increase the costs of production and materials because the core design elements will be consistent throughout many styles and thus can be mass-produced using standard, automated production techniques.
Every component is a parametrically designed, manufacturable unit ready to be resized and cut on the CNC machinery.
Finally, there is never any inventory of pre-made furniture (zero inventory costs) which would need to be salvaged if not sold.
Michael Dell was one of the first to implement such a system where component flexibility was extremely high and thus gave the purchaser a great deal of power over customization. Dell was able to radically alter the way that computers are produced, marketed and sold.  I hope to do the same in the furniture industry.
No limit opportunities

Due to the nature of this flexible model, the product range is practically unlimited; we can target the widest segments of the market, from home furniture to modular kitchens, from commercial fixtures and retail cabinets to hi-end office furniture.
What will drive this business is the modern, intelligent, highly technological service together with an absolutely unique customer experience that no company has ever offered in this industry.




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How It Works Video YouTube